It’s In The Bag


J Crew

When Celine recently began producing gorgeous plain and simple handbags, the big trend in bags suddenly shifted from the gaudy and obvious big labels on display to a more understated look of quality. Just look at the bags by Proenza Schouler and Loewe.  The focus is on the quality of the leather and the color as opposed to the logo, which is really how it should be.

Loewe bags at Jeffrey

With this in mind our best kept secret for handbags at the moment is J Crew.  This season the bags are amazingly similar to those of the top designer bags.  On the second floor of their enormous 5th Avenue store many of their best bags are displayed.  The leather is lovely and the colors super on trend with bags in bright blue, coral and green leather.  The smaller bags are around $130 and the larger bags a little more.   The little red over the shoulder J Crew bag we’ve been sporting this winter garners constant compliments with an assumption from most, that it’s by some groovy designer.

Today we swung by the fancy New York department store Jeffrey to see what they were showcasing as they always stock the most extravagant designer bags of the moment.  They were highlighting a vivid display of Loewe bags in fabulous bright colors.  Style wise, not that much of a different look that the J Crew ones but a heck of a lot more expensive.  We LIKE  them all so whatever your budget, grab a strong colored simple bag for the summer and you’ll feel very of the moment.
J Crew, 91 5th Avenue (at 18th Street)
NY 10003

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