We Love Fleas

This Sunday the Brooklyn Flea reopens for the summer season on the sparkling waterfront in Williamsburg.  Looking at Manhattan across the water and sifting through the flea market is a perfect way to wile away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What’s special about the Brooklyn Flea is that it’s not just a bunch of vintage clothes, furniture and toys.  Of course there’s a lot of that stuff but there’s also funky fare from local Brooklyn artisans.   Beautiful handmade candles, soap and body products by Apotheke are made just down the road.

With fashion being so caught up in all things 80s at the moment, floral dresses, patterned baggy pants etc, the flea is a treasure trove for these clothes.  We stopped by the market recently when it was still indoors and spied some perfect floral dresses.

The food is our favorite and the vendors are abundant.  Make sure you arrive very hungry or you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have room to try the many delicious options on offer.  The absolute best donut we’ve had anywhere in the entire world is at this market.  Made by a tiny bakery called Dough located deep in Brooklyn, they serve delectable grown up flavors such as blood orange with candied orange slices.  They were so moist and delicious we were rendered speechless for ten minutes after eating one.

Instead of going to the Brooklyn Flea by subway, we love to take the East River Ferry.  It leaves from Wall Street and zooms across the East River and drops you right on the pier in front of the market.  It’s makes us feel very glamorous to arrive by boat. Soda’s made in Brooklyn, amazing food vendors, gorgeous people to admire strolling around and some vintage shopping, we’re so excited it’s that time of year again.

Brooklyn Flea. Williamsburg. Sunday
10am-5pm, Rain or Shine—Reopens April 8, 2012
East River Waterfront (btw. North 6 + 7). Williamsburg. NY. 
The East River Ferry

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