That Loving Feeling

THE LOVING STORY is a moving exhibition that tells the story of a married couple, Richard Loving a white man and his African American wife Mildred.  In 1967 many US States prohibited interracial marriage and despite being married for nearly 10 years and having three children together, the couple were arrested simply for being a married couple. While visiting family in the State of Virginia they were picked up and sentenced to a year in prison.

Their court case went to the Supreme Court and LIFE magazine photographer Grey Villet was dispatched to spend time with the Loving family and document their relationship for the magazine.

This couple changed American history when the Supreme Court ruled that any State’s prohibition of interracial marriage was unconstitutional.  These never before seen photographs were sent to the Loving family by Grey Villet and unearthed by HBO documentary film makers recently.

The exhibition at New York’s International Center of Photography is thoughtful, moving and depicts a couple truly in love.

Upstairs at the Center is a group show entitled PERSPECTIVES 2012 which highlights global contemporary artists who have not yet had a show in New York.  We were stopped in our tracks by a room of photographs by Greg Girard.  His large-scale photographs show American military bases in Japan.  Suburban housing, mundane bus stops, bored paper boys, these could be anywhere in middle America.  It was extraordinary to realize that this vision of America exists in Japan.

On the lower floor there is a vast installation of the New York street and crime photo journalist known to many as Weegee.  It’s well worth a look to see New Yorker’s in the 1930’s up to no good as well as his candid photos of real life on the streets.

International Center of Photography. 1133Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street. New York. NY. Tel: 212857 0000

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