MY NEW YORK by Gaby Basora

Gaby Basora designer of Tucker by Gaby Basora shares her New York. Most of what I do is coffee drinking, reading, or being on the move in some way.

On the way to a museum or Central Park I stop for a rest in Strawberry Fields.  The last time I was there I watched a back flip off between three young guys and a teenage gymnast. Magical things still happen all the time in New York City.

Picking up macaroons at Bel-Ami on the Upper East Side. Always sit on the bench outside, don’t take it to go. Watch magnificent doyennes and gorgeous dogs, reminiscent of Diane Arbus and Henri Cartier Bresson, throw in a little Disfarmer.

Training for a marathon? Get your last long run in by starting in Manhattan at the Brooklyn Bridge and run into Brooklyn. Take the Manhattan Bridge back into Manhattan and then run up to the Williamsburg Bridge.  Run into Brooklyn and grab a coconut water at Marlow and Sons. Don’t be tempted to stop there for lunch. You absolutely must go back for dinner or a cocktail at the bar, but after a shower and change. Run back over the Williamsburg Bridge into the City and then down to the Manhattan Bridge back into Brooklyn and voila back home over the Brooklyn Bridge. About 16 miles.

Mellow out over Tasty Dumplings on Mulberry Street North of Worth Street.  Six for $1.25.  Eat them and recover in the park watching Tai Chi.

Left Bank Book Store on 8th avenue north of 12th street is hands down one of my favorite book stores in the world.
There are tons of places to have a coffee round there, Café Cluny, Chocolate Bar, Kava on Washington and Sant Ambroeus.

Sunday at the New Amsterdam Market at the old fish market in the South Street Seaport.  There are vendors selling produce and homemade soups. There is a little beach down there under the Manhattan bridge…you just have to scale the fence.

Tortilla Flats, visually intoxicating – multi sensory experience especially after a margarita or two.
Manhattan Eyeworks on 1st Avenue in the East Village for vintage frames.

Strawberry Fields. Near Central Park West. 71st -74th Street. NY
Bel-Ami. 30 East 68th Street. NY. 10065
Marlow & Sons. 81 Broadway, Williamsburg NY. 11249
Tasty Dumplings. 54 Mulberry Street. NY 10013
Left Bank Book Shop. NY. 10014
Cafe Cluny. 284 West 12th Street. NY. 10014
Kava Cafe. 803 Washington Street. NY. 10014
Chocolate Bar. 19 8th Avenue (between Jane & 12th Street). NY. 10014
St Ambroues. 259 West 4th Street.NY. 10014
New Amersterdam Market. Every Sunday 11am – 4pm. South Street beetween Beekman Street and Peak Slip
Tortilla Flats. 767 Washington Street. NY. 10014
Manhattan Eyeworks. 161 1st Avenue. NY 10003

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