The New Season Brilliance of Daryl K

When we think about a designer that represents the ultimate in Downtown cool, the first name that comes to mind is Daryl K.  Daryl Kerrigan, the designer of Daryl K, has designed clothing for musicians, performers, artists and devoted fans since the early 90s.  The Daryl K store on Bond Street has been a legendary, cooler than cool spot for as long as we can remember.  The store closed last month and our heart broke as it was one of those New York institutions that you could always count on to find something that made you look smoking hot and just a bit cooler than you really were.

An invitation arrived in our mail box a few weeks ago inviting us to a Daryl K trunk show.  We were thrilled, the store was gone but the clothes were not.  We told all of our friends and on Monday night ran to the trunk show, held in the groovy new Standard East Village.  Arriving at the show we felt like we were back in the old store on Bond Street, albeit with cocktails and a party atmosphere.

Perhaps the excitement was because everyone was so excited to get their hands on a coveted Daryl K piece, but it was more than that.  Whenever you went to the store on Bond Street, the girls who worked there would genuinely help you find something that was to die for and would always remember you.  They were always super nice and just that bit cooler than you could ever hope to be.  The trunk show had that same feeling, all of the lovely crew from the store and the legendary Daryl K herself.

We wore a pair of black silk pants gathered at the ankle that we bought a few seasons back.  Daryl Kerrigan instantly spotted the pants from across the room and made a beeline, telling us how great they looked.  She told us that she first made that design in 1991 which is wild, given that we feel that they are so totally now.  That really is the special thing about her clothes. They have an element of edge coupled with luxury, so no matter how long you’ve had a piece, you pull it out and it will always garner praise from those around you.

The other extraordinary thing about these clothes is the fit of the pants. We’ve never found anyone who can make your derrière look as hot as Daryl K can, that woman can cut pants.  We will be wearing the burgundy leather pants she’s made for fall, perhaps every single day, as they’re just so flattering and right on for fall. The other look we loved was the gorgeous models wandering around in beautifully tailored prim silk dresses, with a daring split at the back and leather leggings underneath, the look was hot and we can’t wait to work it come next season.

Alas, you can’t browse the store anymore but we have filled this story with lots of  images from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  If you contact them direct, you can get on their email list and you too can attend their fabulous trunk show soirees.

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