MY NEW YORK … by John Robshaw

John Robshaw of John Robshaw Textiles  shares some of his favorite things to do in New York.

  • Play tennis along the East River as the tug boats meander by and the trucks slam by on the Williamsburg Bridge. If you can focus here, you can focus anywhere.
  • I like to visit the art supply shop, Kremer Pigmente right next to my showroom. Wonderful hand painted color charts and lovely jars of pure pigment showing off in the sunlight.
  • I love, but also fear looking through all of the old Sotheby catalogues at the Strand. From Labiche House to Greek Textiles, you can find wonderful oddities here. I stop when I can’t carry anymore home.
  • K Town for dumplings at Mandoo Bar at 2 West 32nd Street. They make the dumpling right in the window.
  • Museums, please, and digging deep in their textile collections. I am spellbound by the Mets’ new Islamic Wing and its many treasures.
East River Tennis Courts
Kremer Pigmente. 247 West 29th Street. NY. 10001
Strand Book Store. 828 Broadway. NY. 10003
Mandoo Bar. 2 West 32nd Street. NY. 10001
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1000 5th Avenue. NY

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