Instant RE:Play

There’s only one more week to catch the show by remarkable New York artist, Jil Weinstock.  Playing with memory and emotion, this evocative show brings together much loved objects from the artist’s past.  Weinstock works with what she calls “artifacts of childhood,” using both treasured possessions as well as things from her junk drawer and casts them in rubber and bronze.

We were lucky enough to do a studio visit in the winter when the work was still in progress.  You can read the full article here. Seeing the individual pieces come together in one entire show was powerful.

Objects like Fisher Price’s classic airplane are cast in rubber in different hues of sky and cloud and displayed on an entire wall, giving the feeling of the planes all fighting for their own air space and importance.  We were surprised by our own reaction to the Fisher Price houses cast in dark-red rubber.  The natural way the rubber ran during the casting process made us feel a kind of bloody horror associated with these perfect suburban dream houses in their orderly quiet environment.

Jax, rubber balls, toy cars and marbles are cast in rubber and illuminated by light- boxes.  This treatment somehow elevates them to becoming precious trophies. Because of the tactile nature of the material, we had to suppress a childlike impulse to pick the toys out of the rubber and play with them.

The show stirred our own memories and made us question what material things we hold dear from our own past.

Jil Weinstock. RE:Play. Winston Wachter Gallery. 530 West 25th Street. New York. 10001.
Tel: 212 255 2718. Show Closes June 16th.
Rubber, jax, rubber balls, fluorescent lights and stainless steel
12 x 12 inches x 3 3/4 inches
Rubber, marbles, fluorescent lights and stainless steel
12 x 12 inches x 3 3/4 inches

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