Peter Pan Is Hot

There’s a distinctly cute trend in New York this season for very ladylike Peter Pan collared shirts.  They’re adorable and have popped up on blouses and dresses everywhere lately.  The look is somehow so prim that it is instantly sexy.  Just look at Alexa Chung who often sports the look.  In fact, she wears it so much she designed a Peter Pan collared dress for her Madewell line.

Cute collared shirts are everywhere from Marc Jacobs to Zara.  We picked up a gorgeous pussy cat print version at Zara who are carrying the design in every style and color imaginable.

We also spotted an interesting idea at the fabulous Lower East Side store Dear: Rivington.  For years they’ve taken vintage collars and married them, like necklaces, with of the moment sweatshirts and sweaters.  We especially LIKE the styling they have in store this week with a delicate vintage beaded collar and a classic french striped sweatshirt.

We also love the style as a simple dress. Madonna choose to wear one at her press call at the recent Venice Film Festival and it looked so right.  It’s one of those looks that can work across many ages.  On a young girl, it just looks girlish and super cute, on an older woman, stylish and wildly French.  Whatever way you do it, Peter Pan is a hot look of the moment.

Dear: Rivington. 95 Rivington Street, NY. 10002
Madewell. 115 5th Avenue. NY. 10003
Zara. 500 5th Avenue. NY 10010