Art Through Rose Colored Glasses

DSC_0084Jason Dodge’s minimalist show at Casey Kaplan Gallery is the perfect cheery antidote for the bleak weather we are enduring in New York.  Large empty rooms draw your eyes to the simple rose and white colored fluorescent lights which alter the color of each space.  Gallery staff constantly swap out the lights so that each room’s illumination frequently changes.

Other objects are placed around the gallery which if you’re not playing close attention, you may miss.  A bag of organic groceries greet’s you upon entry and then boxes of tissues and sticks of deodorant dot the floor. American born, Berlin based Dodge’s show gives the visitor much to think about.

Jason Dodge. Casey Kaplan. 525 West 21st street. New York. 10011. Tel 212 645 7335. January 9th – February 22nd, 2014

Phase II_Gallery III (4)JD2014-008_White to rose light rose to white light over and over (detail)Gallery II (3)

Photo Credit: courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan, New York. Bottom 3 photos: Jean Vong

Digging It At Gladstone Gallery

DSC_0008Gladstone Gallery on 21st Street is one of our favorite Chelsea galleries as we’re always amazed by the enormity of their exhibitions.  The current show by Cyprien Galliard is outstanding.  Walking in through the nondescript white door, you are met by a series of enormous industrial sized excavator machine parts.  The heads of the excavator’s are threaded with beautifully carved onyx in the place where the heads would have originally connected to the diggers.

The artist choose to take pieces that were once used for destruction and change their purpose to something now preserved and beautified. Galliard was born in Paris but lives and works in New York and Berlin.

Today Diggers, Tomorrow Dickens. Cyprien Gaillard. Gladstone Gallery, xxx 21st Street, New York 10011. Closes January 30th, 2014


In The Company Of Mothers

DSC_0072Irish artist Hannah Starkey’s photographic show at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Chelsea could easily be missed if you didn’t know to head upstairs at the gallery.

The beautiful, large-scale photographs were all taken in London, where Starkey lives and works.  The images show women and children against super urban backgrounds, graffiti, street murals and inner city parks. Working with actresses as well as people she just meets on location, strangely the photographs don’t look like London, but rather could be an urban city in the world.

Hannah Starkey: In the company of Mothers. Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Gallery 2. 521 West 21st Street. New York. 10011. Tel: 212 414 4144. Closes May 25th, 2013.

How To Really Hang Out in Chelsea

There’s only a few weeks left to literally hang out in the extraordinary tactile sculptures of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto.  His large scale installations at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Chelsea are something that simply have to be experienced.

Made by stretching crotched polyester cord, these complex and inviting pieces are there for the viewer to climb right inside.  Suspended in the crotchet are thousands of plastic balls.  You remove your shoes and climb inside the sculpture. The combination of the unexpected shapes and the colors, coupled with the effort it takes to walk on encased plastic balls, makes you instantly smile. The careful calculated steps that you must take to move around the enormous sculpture makes you only capable of focusing on the artwork, thus you somehow totally lose yourself in the moment.

Some pieces on the second floor are more like hammocks, that you lie in, take a load off and literally rest alone suspended in a crotched sculpture.  On the second floor herbs are discretely placed in suspended terracotta pots, making for a multi sensory installation.

In the last two years crochet has become a major part of Neto’s work, translating a craft traditionally made by women on small delicate scale to structures of massive proportions. Like giant paintings that you are invited to climb into and move through, it’s a truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Ernesto Neto has managed to literally lift us off the ground with his art, allowing us to float between the floor and the ceiling and giving a space in which you can slow down, breathe, and rest.  To achieve this in the middle of Manhattan is a wonderful feat and something to be enjoyed by all.

Ernesto Neto: Slow iis good. April 14-May 25, 2012. Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. 521 West 21st Street. NY. 10011.