Spring’s hot hair trend – cotton candy

Recently we’ve noticed a creeping trend for colored hair.  We don’t mean blonde highlights or red locks, we’re talking about pastel hues like pale blue, dusky pink or even lemony yellow.  This look has been all over the runways of late and looks fresh and cool.  We’ve started spotting hipsters around the City with colored hair too but still we thought we just can’t go there.  But this weekend the New York Times’ T Magazine did a feature on colored hair and bang we thought, it’s hit the main stream, we can do it!  It is however pretty hard to pull off.  We LIKE a simple bun threaded with some color for a modern twist.  Another way to go timidly into this trend is by picking up some terrific colored extensions from Aldo.  For $10 we scored  a set of pink highlights (they sell blue too) and will be sprinkling them through our  ponytails this spring.  Here’s one of the what we LIKE crew trying the pink pony for size. Go on, give it a go, you only live once.