Cruising Chanel

DSC_0128Walking through Soho this week we were stopped in our tracks by the pastel prettiness of the windows at Chanel.  The mannequins were decked out in pale sugary pink and pastel blue, just like the models in the cruise collection who marched around Versailles in Paris last  year (below right).

The pieces that stood out as we pressed our face to the glass were the shoes and accessories.  There were two pairs of shoes that looked totally unique to anything else we’ve seen for resort.  One, a chunky heeled sneaker (called a creeper) in pale pink and the other, an embroidered high shoe with a heel that looked more like the spindly leg of antique chair than a traditional high heel.  The accessories, like the shoes are chunky.  Huge bracelets (a big trend for spring/summer) were stacked and came in the same saccharine hues of mint green and dusty pink.

It wouldn’t be Chanel if there wasn’t a new statement bag from the legendary fashion house for the season.  A white As30VSFCIAA-ow3glittering snake skin bag was slung casually over the shoulder to complete Chanel’s perfect styling.

Perhaps it was the grey bleakness of New York in the winter, but the cotton candy windows at Chanel instantly gave us excitement for the clothes for the summer months ahead.

Chanel. 139 Spring Street. New York. 10012. Tel: 212 334 0055

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Meet Your New French Lover

Our new French love is gorgeous bag and accessories designer Jerome Dreyfuss.  His bags are supremely chic and glamorous but alas he’s already taken, he’s the husband of the marvellous French fashion designer Isabel Marant.  We’d be happy however to settle for any of his handbags.  The selection is vast, the bags so original and the style both youthful and terribly elegant at the same time.

The colors come in this seasons vibrant hues as well as classic chic neutrals.  We particularly covet the simple elegant clutches along with the small over the shoulder bags which are perfect for summer.    Beautifully crafted inside and out, these are the types of bags that get you stopped by strangers to ask where did you get that bag.  We often see style icon Sarah Jessica-Parker snapped with a Jerome Dreyfuss bag slung casually over her shoulder running errands in New York.

In Soho there’s an entire store of his beautiful designs right beside the Isabel Marant shop and Barney’s New York now carry a wide selection. They’re super fun and terrifically chic as the French always seem to manage to do so well.

Jerome Dreyfuss. 473 Broome Street, New York

We Love Fleas

This Sunday the Brooklyn Flea reopens for the summer season on the sparkling waterfront in Williamsburg.  Looking at Manhattan across the water and sifting through the flea market is a perfect way to wile away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What’s special about the Brooklyn Flea is that it’s not just a bunch of vintage clothes, furniture and toys.  Of course there’s a lot of that stuff but there’s also funky fare from local Brooklyn artisans.   Beautiful handmade candles, soap and body products by Apotheke are made just down the road.

With fashion being so caught up in all things 80s at the moment, floral dresses, patterned baggy pants etc, the flea is a treasure trove for these clothes.  We stopped by the market recently when it was still indoors and spied some perfect floral dresses.

The food is our favorite and the vendors are abundant.  Make sure you arrive very hungry or you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have room to try the many delicious options on offer.  The absolute best donut we’ve had anywhere in the entire world is at this market.  Made by a tiny bakery called Dough located deep in Brooklyn, they serve delectable grown up flavors such as blood orange with candied orange slices.  They were so moist and delicious we were rendered speechless for ten minutes after eating one.

Instead of going to the Brooklyn Flea by subway, we love to take the East River Ferry.  It leaves from Wall Street and zooms across the East River and drops you right on the pier in front of the market.  It’s makes us feel very glamorous to arrive by boat. Soda’s made in Brooklyn, amazing food vendors, gorgeous people to admire strolling around and some vintage shopping, we’re so excited it’s that time of year again.

Brooklyn Flea. Williamsburg. Sunday
10am-5pm, Rain or Shine—Reopens April 8, 2012
East River Waterfront (btw. North 6 + 7). Williamsburg. NY. 
The East River Ferry

Street Life – New York

Everyone knows New Yorker’s only wear black but this spring something strange has happened.  Everyone’s gone color crazy, from hair to pants to bags, pops of bright colors are everywhere in the City. Granted in some instances it’s just a colored bag or a shoe, or even just the strap of a bag but still, it’s wildly colorful on the streets of New York.

Peter Pan Is Hot

There’s a distinctly cute trend in New York this season for very ladylike Peter Pan collared shirts.  They’re adorable and have popped up on blouses and dresses everywhere lately.  The look is somehow so prim that it is instantly sexy.  Just look at Alexa Chung who often sports the look.  In fact, she wears it so much she designed a Peter Pan collared dress for her Madewell line.

Cute collared shirts are everywhere from Marc Jacobs to Zara.  We picked up a gorgeous pussy cat print version at Zara who are carrying the design in every style and color imaginable.

We also spotted an interesting idea at the fabulous Lower East Side store Dear: Rivington.  For years they’ve taken vintage collars and married them, like necklaces, with of the moment sweatshirts and sweaters.  We especially LIKE the styling they have in store this week with a delicate vintage beaded collar and a classic french striped sweatshirt.

We also love the style as a simple dress. Madonna choose to wear one at her press call at the recent Venice Film Festival and it looked so right.  It’s one of those looks that can work across many ages.  On a young girl, it just looks girlish and super cute, on an older woman, stylish and wildly French.  Whatever way you do it, Peter Pan is a hot look of the moment.

Dear: Rivington. 95 Rivington Street, NY. 10002
Madewell. 115 5th Avenue. NY. 10003
Zara. 500 5th Avenue. NY 10010

It’s In The Bag


J Crew

When Celine recently began producing gorgeous plain and simple handbags, the big trend in bags suddenly shifted from the gaudy and obvious big labels on display to a more understated look of quality. Just look at the bags by Proenza Schouler and Loewe.  The focus is on the quality of the leather and the color as opposed to the logo, which is really how it should be.

Loewe bags at Jeffrey

With this in mind our best kept secret for handbags at the moment is J Crew.  This season the bags are amazingly similar to those of the top designer bags.  On the second floor of their enormous 5th Avenue store many of their best bags are displayed.  The leather is lovely and the colors super on trend with bags in bright blue, coral and green leather.  The smaller bags are around $130 and the larger bags a little more.   The little red over the shoulder J Crew bag we’ve been sporting this winter garners constant compliments with an assumption from most, that it’s by some groovy designer.

Today we swung by the fancy New York department store Jeffrey to see what they were showcasing as they always stock the most extravagant designer bags of the moment.  They were highlighting a vivid display of Loewe bags in fabulous bright colors.  Style wise, not that much of a different look that the J Crew ones but a heck of a lot more expensive.  We LIKE  them all so whatever your budget, grab a strong colored simple bag for the summer and you’ll feel very of the moment.
J Crew, 91 5th Avenue (at 18th Street)
NY 10003